Stationary Installation Maintenance and Testing

Stationary Installation Maintenance and Testing

SBS STT Batteries at Waunekee Utility

Stationary Installation Maintenance and Testing

Based on the IEEE-450, 1106 and 1188 standards, Battery Academy’s Stationary Installation, Maintenance and Testing class spends a day on each topic, providing in-depth lessons about the life cycle of stationary battery systems.

Using actual VLA, VRLA and NiCd systems installed in our training lab, attendees will put theory to practice in this extensive 3 day course.

This course will also be offered at both entry level and advanced skill levels.


Day 1 – Battery Basics. Receiving and Storage. Temporary Systems. System Removal, Packaging and Recycling. Racks and Spill Containment. Battery Layout and Terminations. Connections and Hardware. Charger connection and Initial Charging.

Day 2 – IEEE recommended practices for VLA, VRLA and NiCd Battery Systems. NERC Requirements and Compliance. Battery Testing Equipment. Hands on Battery PM’s. Understanding Battery Maintenance Data.

Day 3 – IEEE Testing Requirements. NERC Testing Requirements. Battery Ratings / Capacities. Hands on Capacity Tests. Test Data and Results Interpretation.

Course Info

Course Start Date 09/24/2019
Course End Date 09/26/2019
Estimated Duration 3 days
Maximum Students 12
Time 8:00 a.m.
Levels Entry Level
Course Cost $1,495

Course Teacher