Mike Poetzel

Regional Sales Manager




Mike’s training background dates back to 2001. He utilizes an interactive training style because he wants trainees to be involved in the discussion, understand the material and have fun with it. He combines his listening skills and in-depth product application knowledge to make sure that each training session meets the requirements of the attendee.

Providing effective training, product recommendations and consultation for back-up battery systems located in substations and power plants is Mike’s primary responsibility at SBS. Products he has worked with include flooded lead acid, VRLA and nickel cadmium battery systems as well as chargers, enclosures, racking, spill containment and test equipment. Mike supports customers throughout the United States as well as international accounts in South America and Mexico.

Degree / Education

BA Production Operations Management from the University of Wisconsin, Whitewater


Mike’s area of specialty is stationary / standby power equipment and services. He brings a decade of field experience to the training room, including critical power applications such as DC Power Plants, Substations, Back-up Power Generation, and Transmission Distribution. This enables him to identify the right battery, the right size and how it works best in the customer’s environment.

With a technical background that also includes Packaged and Liquefied Gases, Mike has keen problem-solving abilities.  He gains a complete understanding of the situation, sees how the building blocks fit together and then provides the solution.  This enables customers to get up and running as smoothly as possible as well as provides an effective training environment.