Mike O’Brien





Mike began his career in the electrical power industry in 1975 with the US Air Force. In 1981 he became a Technical Training Instructor and quickly became qualified to teach all the advanced courses in his career field. Additionally, he helped write and teach the first USAF courses on UPS systems to support the world wide deployment of the first JRSC satellite communications system. In 1983 he was awarded USAF Air Training Command Master Instructor rating in recognition of his accomplishments as an instructor. After nine years of active duty, Mike became a consultant to HQ Air Force Communication Command on high reliability power systems. During his tenure at HQ AFCC he authored a regulation on Stationary Battery Maintenance and Testing, a technical manual on the Exide series 3000 UPS, trained the first USAF UPS Traveling Maintenance Team, and conducted numerous design reviews on Critical Command & Communications power systems.

In 1991 Mike Joined Nolan Power Group to start the Test Services side of the business. During his 27 years at Nolan Power Group, Mike has leveraged his knowledge of capacity testing and UPS systems to develop and implement extensive training programs including numerous courses and seminars on uninterruptible power systems (UPS), DC power systems, and battery back-up systems. Additionally, he wrote and presented the first paper at the first Battcon technical conference and presented a class on Stationary Battery Systems at the2015 IEEE PCIC technical conference.

Mike has over 40 years of electrical field experience. He is an active and voting member of the IEEE standards association and has co-authored an IEEE paper with Marco Migliaro on Stationary Battery Maintenance. In addition, Mike speaks at national industry events, conferences and roundtables and serves on industry advisory committees.


USAF Veteran & Master Instructor


Mike’s area of expertise is stationary power equipment and services, bringing extensive knowledge in battery design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. In addition, he has worked in a technical role to design test and monitoring equipment. His field experience provides a unique perspective, offering him the ability to understand the customers’ and technicians’ point of view to develop training programs to fit the exact needs of the audience. Mike has trained personnel in many nuclear power plants, Department of Energy personnel, and supervised the installation of the world’s largest battery monitoring system at the NORAD Command Center buried deep inside Cheyenne Mountain. He teaches beginner to advanced level courses to engineering groups, technicians, end users, manufacturer’s reps and customers. His hands-on, practical training experience is designed to meet customer specific needs.